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CASA 0101 Seeks Support

Situated in the heart of Boyle Heights, CASA 0101 is currently running a campaign for funding its programs and performances. 

Whether you are a theater aficionado, art supporter or passionate about cultural aspects in the City of Los Angeles, please consider donating to this wonderful and needed organization.

For details and to contribute click here.


Time To Raleigh for Tacos!

The perennial Taco and Craft Beer Festival returns to Raleigh Studios in Los Angeles on Saturday and Sunday June 23 and 24th.

Top taco shops from across Los Angeles along with sought after craft brew masters will combine to create gastronomy bliss!.

For tickets and general information, visit TACOS

Mexico Takes on South Korea in World Cup Play
Off the heels of their stunning win over the world champion German team, Mexico will take on South Korea on Saturday, June 24 beginning at 8:00 a.m. PST.


Culture Clash 

The brave and spirited trio, Ric Salinas & Herbert Sigüenza and Richard Montoya, revive their highly acclaimed Bordertown play with Bordertown Now at the Pasadena Playhouse.

An updated look at the current state of affairs at the southern border helps exam cultural differences. Performances run from May 30 through June 24 

Culture Clash's truthful and honest satirical approach to discussing political and cultural topics of the day helps break down barriers and opens new lines of thought on the harm, silliness and practicality some dogmas present in understanding issues.

Tickets are on sale now. Get yours today at PASADENA PLAYHOUSE

Weekend Wrap Up

MoLAA will host three events this weekend including El Exporatorio Artist Panel on Saturday, June 23 followed by two events on Sunday, June 24 - The Festival of Innovation and a Craft Beer Festival.

For ticket information visit MOLAA.


And Away They Go...Santa Anita Latino Celebrations

The thrill and prestige of horse racing returns to Los Angeles and Santa Anita has events you do not want to miss.

From Wine festivals, family fun zone, chili cook offs and Mardi Gras, there is something for everyone. Brunch is also available on Saturdays and Sundays in the Front Runner with club access.

This weekend Banda Machos take over the infield on Sunday, June 24. For tickets and details on these and upcoming events visit SANTA ANITA