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Mariachi USA Kicks Off Summer

at the Bowl

What began as a means to pay homage to the music of Mexico and the music's composers and storytellers quickly became a cultural phenomenon.

Mariachi USA presented by Rodri Rodriguez is a SoCal summer favorite, but the concert at the Hollywood Bowl is more than an annual treat for mariachi music lovers - it's a bridge builder.

Generations of Latinos and non-Latinos attend the concert and have done so for decades, celebrating multiculturalism in its grandest form - music, dance, artistry.

The musicianship of the performers has grown over the years and now features virtuosos from across the Americas. Now in its 29th year, Mariachi USA helps break down barters and revels in the music known the world over as the feel good and wonderfully elegant - Que Viva El Mariachi!

 Mariachi USA tickets are available but in limited supply.

Saturday, June 23, 2018 beginning at 6:00 p.m.


A World A Part - Casa Cordoba

Owners Jenine and Chris Bone bring the elegance and flavors of Spain to downtown Montrose, just north of Pasadena.

The vibrant design of the exterior and interior create a cozy atmosphere and take you to the trip you had (or want to take) to the old world streets of Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and, of course Cordoba.

Tremendous offerings in appetizers and full plates including paellas and sangrias, alongside their specialty tapas. Weekends showcase flamenco shows and guitarists.

Though the travel to this Montrose gem is short, you will feel as if you traveled the globe and arrived in Spain. 

For reservations and menu offerings visit CASA CORDOBA