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Following His Angels

Meet Marco Peralta

By Anthony de Andalusia

July 8, 2024

For most baseball fans in Southern California, and around the league, the name Jaime Jarrin is synonymous with Dodger baseball. A beloved Ecuadorian-born baseball commentator, Jarrin is no doubt a legend in the sport.

There is, however, an emerging star on the broadcast scene, one with an unbelievable story of perseverance and faith.

Born and raised in El Centro, California, Marco Peralta’s life was shaped by the struggles of his immigrant parents from Mexicali, Mexico. Their determination to survive in a new land left an indelible mark on him. But it was the unexpected twists and turns that truly defined Marco’s path.

A Father’s Heroism

“My dad is a hero of mine,” Marco confided. The bond between father and son that he had when he was young boy was unbreakable, even when life dealt them a harsh blow. Marco’s father was deported for several years when he was in middle school and high school, leaving the family to traverse the border to visit him. As his father battled diabetes, health complications and later on cancer, Marco juggled school and sports, but was fueled by an unwavering drive to pursue his dreams and make him and his family proud.

A Fateful Meeting

During a church event his junior year, Marco’s life took an unexpected turn. A substitute teacher that was attending the event noticed his love for sports talk and recommended Marco to intern at the local Christian radio station in El Centro, which had a weekly sports talk show. Little did Marco know what was taking place that moment and the opening of doors that were happening. Marco’s journey was just beginning.


From Campus to Qatar

Upon graduating from Arizona State University with a degree in Sports Journalism, Marco was hired to take part of the Phoenix Suns Spanish broadcast. During his time there, Marco’s passion for broadcasting grew more and more. In 2022, he accomplished one of his biggest dreams, working at a FIFA World Cup. The latest edition being in Qatar, Marco witnessed Mexico vs. Argentina and the best players in the world play at the biggest stage. It was something indeed special for him. “My mind was blown; it was dream come true” he recalled.

A Dream Job with the Angels

Prior to his departure to Qatar, Marco secured a job with the Los Angeles Angels Communications Department. Some called it luck, but Marco felt it was destiny. "It felt like divine intervention to be quite honest," Peralta said, "I love the Angels, my department and being able to work in the Major Leagues is just something amazing."

Not more than a year after joining the Angels, Marco was tapped to lead the Spanish language play-by-play in the broadcast booth. “It was an honor to be asked, and I knew right away, I had been preparing for this moment all of my life. I'm not perfect one bit but I know that I will try my absolute best to be better than the day prior and keep growing every single day I'm in that chair.”

Marco had honed his voice over the years as an announcer and now he had a chance to call games for a Major League Baseball franchise. Encouragement flowed from mentors and fellow broadcasters like Francisco Romero (Houston Astros), Eduardo Ortega (San Diego Padres), Oscar Soria (Arizona Diamondbacks), Jose Mota and Pepe Yñiguez (Los Angeles Dodgers) amongst others as well.

“I don’t feel nervous really, just focused and having fun, this is what I remember the first day in the booth. I want to do a great job,” Marco recalled. Now, as part of the gig, he regularly meets with players and gets to know them personally. “One fun aspect is being able to interact with the guys and get to tell their stories and remind people that the players are humans too.”

Faith and Passion

Marco’s unwavering faith sustained him through challenges. Now based in Southern California, he cherishes the ability to visit El Centro, reconnecting with his roots and sharing his love for culture and baseball. "Without my faith and roots back in El Centro and the Imperial Valley, I would not be in this position," Peralta shared.

Marco’s journey—from El Centro to broadcasting stardom—serves as a testament to resilience, having faith, opportunity, and the power of following one’s passion.

You can catch Marco Peralta on the Los Angeles Angels Spanish language broadcast for on the Angels Radio App, AM830 KLAA, and also on Tu Liga Radio KWKW-AM 1330.

Claudia Sheinbaum Breaks Barriers

Mexico's New President

Mexico just added a monumental milestone to its history books. Claudia Sheinbaum, a climate scientist, and former mayor of Mexico City has become the country’s first female president. This is a huge deal as women in Mexico did not have the right to vote until 1953.


Although earning over 60 percent of the vote, many have mixed emotions about the future of Mexico since Sheinbaum has pledge to continue the policies of her mentor and the person she is replacing, former president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Obrador has been viewed as an extreme leftist-socialist.


Rodri Rodriguez

Rodri’s Summer Kickoff: A Celebration of Mariachi Music and Community

By Latino Edge Staff​


Los Angeles, CA – For over three decades, the iconic Mariachi USA has been the unofficial Summer Kickoff event and a vibrant celebration of mariachi music, culture, and community. The brainchild of visionary producer Rodri Rodriguez, this annual event has become a beloved tradition for music enthusiasts, families, and fans from around the world. A Fearless BeginningRodriguez’s journey began in the music industry, working with a major record label and producing shows for both established and emerging Latin acts across the globe. However, her heart yearned for home, and she found herself drawn back to California, where her family resided.​The idea for the Mariachi USA concert was ignited over 35 years ago. Undeterred by skeptics who claimed it couldn’t be done, Rodriguez approached the LA Philharmonic conductor in 1990 with a bold proposal: a collaboration between the prestigious orchestra and Mariachi USA. At the time, the LA Philharmonic rarely collaborated with other groups, but Rodriguez’s determination knew no bounds.​


Against All Odds

Undaunted by the initial rejection, Rodriguez decided to launch the event independently.​“Someone told me a few months before the launch that I wouldn’t get 2,000 people into the 18,000-plus seats at the Hollywood Bowl,” she recalls. But fate had other plans. When the day arrived, the Bowl was packed, and over 2,000 eager fans stood outside, listening to the performances happening inside the Bowl. The venue had sold out, and Rodriguez’s vision had become a reality.​


Mariachi USA: Bridging Generations

Why Mariachi USA? Rodriguez’s answer is simple: “Because generations of talented Latino musicians from the U.S. were keeping the tradition alive and expanding its reach.” While major mariachi groups from Mexico have always been invited to perform, the heart of the celebration lies in honoring the rich musical heritage of Latino artists within the United States.​Each June, Los Angeles residents, Californians, and visitors from across the globe gather to witness the magic. Mariachi bands from Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, and Mexico take the stage, filling the air with soul-stirring melodies. The Hollywood Bowl transforms into a vibrant tapestry of sound, color, and emotion.​


A Personal Connection

For Rodriguez, the event is more than just a spectacle; it’s deeply personal. “I have seen generations of families come every year,” she shares. Parents who once brought their children now attend as proud grandparents. Roles shift, but the love for the music remains constant.​


Rodriguez cherishes the connections she forms with attendees, as they invite her into their lives through shared stories and memories.​As the sun sets over the Hollywood Bowl, the mariachi notes resonate, bridging cultures and hearts. Rodriguez’s fearless spirit continues to inspire, proving that sometimes the most extraordinary endeavors begin with a single idea and an unwavering belief.​


So, mark your calendars for this year’s Mariachi USA, where music transcends boundaries, and community thrives under the starlit sky. It’s a celebration that echoes through time—a legacy fueled by passion, persistence, and the magic of mariachi. LE

Gustavo Dudamel's Musical Journey

As conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Gustavo Dudamel has brought global recognition to the City of Angels by meshing tradition with avant garde works.

Leading the Phil since 2009, the Venezuelan-born maestro was born into music. His father was a trombonist and Dudamel, following in his father's foot-steps, also began with the trombone. But early in life, at the age of 10, Dudamel found himself immersed in world music including classical. Using his childhood toys, he would line up his toy soldiers (without weapons) in a seated position as one would conduct music he would play in the background.

Now in his second-to-last year (he's moving to lead the New York Phil in 2026), Dudamel has announced the L.A. Phil's 2024-25 Season..

Dudamel will continue his Pan-American Music Initiative with a trio of Día de los Muertos celebrations that include the return of LA Phil commission Yanga by Gabriela Ortiz and works by Villa-Lobos and Revueltas (Nov. 1-3).

As he prepares for the next phase of his musical journey, Dudamel reflects on his time in Los Angeles:  "The city of Los Angeles is like an orchestra: so many different people, sounds, cultures, and histories, all coming together in a beautiful harmony of life. This season, we celebrate the many vibrant communities of our beloved city, including – for the first time – a full week of concerts to celebrate the profound power of Día de los Muertos, an exploration of the extraordinary artists of Korea with our Seoul Festival, a Gospel Mass that pays tribute to the resilience and joy of the Black community, an 11-concert immersion in the music of Gustav and Alma Mahler, and so much more."

To learn more about Gustavo Dudamel and the Los Angeles Philharmonic, visit DUDAMEL

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