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Get Ready to Depart to the Otherside

The crew of the Queen Mary's Dark Harbor awaits your visit to their all new attractions and mazes this Halloween season.

Arguably the best space utilized for scare, the Queen Mary's history of hauntings adds to the creepiness and allure.

A carnival of carnal activities and deviance lines the exterior of the ship with pre-boarding frights including flamethrowers bursting high into the night sky, sinister swings direct from Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, sliders and monsters roaming about seeking the weak to feast upon and decadent enticements of food and drinks.

Rave to a DJ until your hypnotized or board and meet your fate on any one of the five mazes. Remember The Captain and Graceful Gale want to put you at ease during your stay, so be sure to canvass and enjoy the lounge areas with hookahs.

Overall Dark Harbor is becoming the go-to SoCal attraction replacing the tired and aging designs of others. It certainly has the best overall value and parking and the ability to stay aboard the ship in one of its many suites after you explore its haunted hulls. 

Dark harbor runs September 27 thru November 2nd.

AAA discounts are available for members and guest can choose between general admission (with Fast Fright or Evil Express entrance accommodations), VIP or Ultimate Scream experiences featuring secret bars, private tours and escorts and more!

  Visit DARK HARBOR today for your tickets.


Knotts Scary Farm - Not So Much

This is the oldest of all the Halloween themed events taking place over the next month in SoCal - and it's showing.

Nine mazes, including seven from years past along with two new mazes fill the theme park, which is decked out in macabre features. Unfortunately there are more misses than hits this year even with slightly altered maze structures for the older returns.

The Depth, a maze that features water elements (including a full on waterfall) has visitors meeting a kraken like monster (we think that's what it's supposed to be) while trying to avoid becoming soaked. Although the water elements are interesting they are not scary - strange yes, but not horror-driven.

The other mazes are predictable and because of crowd size don't allow for tension build up as visitors are crammed into mazes without much separation between groups.

Pricing ranges from $42 to $99 (without fast passes) with parking at $22. Hotel packages are also available.

Parking is an issue with lots packed and walk time from your spot to the entrance a trek for some. Overcrowding is also a problem - so much so that waitlines are often the scariest thing about Knotts Scary Farm. If you want a fast pass you will need to shell out more cash ($85). Knotts Scary Farm runs through October 31st.