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Más Que Un Baile

The Storytellers of the Pacifico Dance Company

Published August 15, 2018

Report by Sara Marin​

For those not familiar with Mexico’s Ballet Folkloricos (folk dances), for the Mexican culture it’s matter of national pride, regional traditions and a lesson in history.

An art form brought life on stage, performers spend years studying and perfecting the movements of the various regional dances of Mexico wearing traditional wear from each state helping the dancers tell a story in measured rhythm and strides each well timed to produce emotion and reflection.

In the world of Ballet Folklorico no dance company is as good at maintaining the traditions of Mexico than the Pacifico Dance Company. Led by director Adriana Astorga-Gaieney, the Company just completed their annual performance at the John Ford Theater in Hollywood with additional performances slated for September.

By sharing the heritage of Mexico with the diverse cultures it performance for Pacifico is able to bridge gaps and bring communities together through dance.

For Ricki Esquer, a female dancer with Pacifco for the past two years and Manuel Soriano who has been a part of the company for 25 years, each performance is unique and challenging.

“For a 45-minute performance it can take up to nine months of rehearsals and practicing over and over again with taped music then, as the event date draws nearer, with live musicians to get the timing even further down,” said Soriano.

Launched in 1992, Pacifico wasn’t a fully fledge dance company at the beginning. “It slowly transformed from having very few dancers meet in a small studio to having 40 professional dancers in a large space at Plaza de la Raza.”

Dancers range in age from 19 to 23 and audition to become members with the company. “The process isn’t that difficult if you have an intermediate understanding of ballet but expect hours of practicing and it really helps if you are passionate about the dances,” said Esquer.

The Company does have outreach programs and encourages sign ups to learn the basic of Ballet Folklorico. To learn more about Pacifico Dance Company, its programs, lesson schedule and how you can contribute to this nonprofit organization in the heart of Los Angeles, visit their site at

A World A Part - Casa Cordoba

Owners Jenine and Chris Bone bring the elegance and flavors of Spain to downtown Montrose, just north of Pasadena.

The vibrant design of the exterior and interior create a cozy atmosphere and take you to the trip you had (or want to take) to the old world streets of Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and, of course Cordoba.

Tremendous offerings in appetizers and full plates including paellas and sangrias, alongside their specialty tapas. Weekends showcase flamenco shows and guitarists.

Though the travel to this Montrose gem is short, you will feel as if you traveled the globe and arrived in Spain.

For reservations and menu offerings visit CASA CORDOBA

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