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A One-Of-A-Kind Latino Experience

Shining the Spotlight on the Latino Community

Latinos have a lot to offer when it comes to culture and trends. Latino Edge Magazine is an online magazine devoted to examining the issues affecting the Hispanic community. Through our virtual platform, we can freely exchange ideas and share aspirations to inspire our fellow Latinos in California and worldwide. Contact us to learn more about our offerings or subscribe to our magazine today!


Coming back from COVID may take some time, but as the entertainment, business, and other segments of  our society begin to revive, Latino Edge is here to provide you with stories of re-openings, rebirths, and rebounds. We hope you will visit often and share stories you hear about the People, Cultures and Trends positively impacting the Latino community. Adelante!


New Maya Exhibit in LA

On April 2, 2023 the California Science Center will feature MAYA The Exhibit.

Stunning artifacts, images, and text from this vibrant cullture.

A history lesson worth investing in.

Visit CASCIENCE for tickets and daily hours of operation.


Sea World San Diego Beer Fest Returns

Now thru September 10th the place to be for beer tasting is Sea World San Diego.

The Annual Craft Beer Festival featuring 100 hundred local and much sought after micro-brews returns for a limited time.

This is a unique experience at a unique California venue.

Delicious food pairing will also be available. 

For tickets and information visit SEAWORLD


El Nuevo Rey

Modelo Especial has surpassed Bud Light as the new king of beers in the United States.

Sales data ending May 28, 2023, shows Modelo at $333 million to Bud Light's $237 million. Whereas Modelo saw a more than 15% increase in market share Bud Light suffered a 22.8% drop, according to industry figures.

This Story is Flamin' Hot

The story of Richard Montanez is triumphant ​account of this field worker and son of a Mexican immigrant turned corporate elite.

Suffering thru poverty and racism as a child, Montanez saw a niche market for the Cheetos brand by spicing things up.

Directed by Eva Longoria, Flamin Hot is a great watch for all.

Now streaming on Hulu and Disney Plus.



Noche de Cumbia Under the Stars

The Ford Amphitheatre is the place to be in Los Angeles on Friday, September 1, 2023.


Noche de Cumbia brings Los Angeles based music and art collective, Cumbiaton, Bay Area sisters Mariposas del Alma, Discos Resaca, and Yeison Landero grandson of the legendary Andrés Landero to showcase the diversity, beauty, and resilience of Cumbia throughout Latin America. Audiences can expect a safe, intergenerational space with the various styles, dances and rhythms from the heart of Colombia, Centro America, Mexico, and the U.S. 

For tickets and concert information visit THE FORD


Cheech's Triumph

The new art exhibit at the Riverside Art Museum has the art world talking - in a big way.

Cheech Marin, a prolific art collector, will have on display a multitude of his personal Chicano art collection beginning Saturday, June 18, 2022.

Local and legendary Chicano artists and their work are on display showing the myriad of mediums and themes Chicano art has become known for around the world.

To plan a visit and learn more about The Cheech, visit RAM


It's VaVoom Time




Los Angeles’ longest-running, most celebrated variety show returns with world-class lucha libre-style wrestling, burlesque, aerialists, comedy, music, and much more.


El Sol de Los Angeles will also feature a unique collaboration with

Warner Bros. Pictures’ upcoming feature film Blue Beetle (in theaters August 18th).

For tickets and more info, visit LUCHA


Latino Museum Opening

With support from Congress and personal contributions from across the country, the National Museum of the American Latino is now open.

With supporters and board members like Jose Feliciano, Eva Longoria, Soledad O'Brien, and Sofia Vergara, the visual exhibits showcase the contributions to art and culture by Latinos in the U.S.A.

Visit LATINOS for more information.

Dressing Up History

Among its varied galleries, The Autry Museum has a unique exhibit that explores the imaginative power of the Mexican and Mexican American dress style known as China Poblana. 

La China Poblana, reflects the outfit’s origins in a combination of legends, Mexico’s Indigenous and colonial history of enslavement, revolutionary politics, and nation building. 

Legends inspired by the 17th-century mystic Catarina de San Juan, and styles of dress worn by 18th-century indigenous and multiracial working women, coalesced during the Mexican Revolution into the figure of the China Poblana.

Today, the China Poblana dress lives on in dance and musical celebrations of Mexican culture and in dresses created by Indigenous women past and present.

For tickets and info, visit the AUTRY.

Challenging the Emperor

The slickest ride in California has arrived. Seaworld San Diego has launched the most anticipated dive coaster named The Emperor. The longest, fastest, and tallest coaster of its type in the state. 

Get your tickets at EMPEROR today.

Altisima Winery is Soaring

With a modern take on Spanish traditional design, Altisima is Temecula's newest winery offering sophisticated food, atmosphere, and, of course, wines.

Selections like their  Chardonnay and red signature bottle of Lucido are next level experiences for the wine novist and snob alike.

The grand opening for Altisima is on Saturday, March 5, 2022.

Visit ALTISIMA for more information and wine club membership.

50 Years of A Hot Brand

There are a multitude of hot sauces in the world - none better, however, than the salsa picante champion - Tapatio. This legendary brand is celebrating 50 years of food enhancing, taste bud exploding, and flavor gifting to the world.

Who better to represent its spiciness? Comedian Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias, who adorns a special anniversary edition called "hot and fluffy."

See the making of the Hot & Fluffy Sauce here:

Jenna Ortega Selected to Play

Wednesday Addams in Reboot

19 year-old actress Jenna Ortega will portray Wednesday Addams in the upcoming Netflix live action series, The Addams Family reboot.

The series will be directed and produced by Tim Burton and will follow Wednesday's early years in high school.

It's Official: Miss Mexico

Is Out of This World!

26 year old Andrea Meza of Chihuahua, Mexico beat out Miss Brazil and Miss Peru to be named Miss Universe for 2021.

Meza holds a degree in software engineering, works with the Municipal Institute for Women, an organization striving to end gender-based violence, and she is a certified make-up artist and model. 

Miss Meza also serves her state of Chihuahua as an official tourism brand ambassador.

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